Social Responsibility

The Corporation serves import and export manufacturing and trade enterprises, and also actively contributes to the revitalization and development of China's cross-border logistics industry.

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, the Corporation has taken international freight forwarding as its core and developed into a cross-border modern integrated third-party logistics enterprise composed of international air transportation, international maritime transportation, international engineering logistics, international railway transportation, nuclear power and electric power special transportation, third-party warehousing third-party and logistics, import distribution warehousing logistics with licensed qualifications, cross-border e-commerce logistics, aviation materials logistics, customs declaration and inspection, customs consulting and other core businesses, widely serving import and export manufacturing and commerce and trade enterprises, and also making positive contributions to the revitalization and development of China's cross-border logistics industry.

In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations of the Company Law and the Securities Law, the Corporation takes the Articles of Association as the outline, earnestly follows the rules of procedure of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the special committees of the board of directors, continuously establishes and improves the modern corporate governance structure, and ensures that the Corporation operates in compliance, has standardized management, makes scientific decisions, and has supervision in place. Meanwhile, the Corporation regularly releases reports and interim announcements, disclosing the Corporation's financial situation and the construction and improvement of its internal control system to the public in a timely manner, showing the current situation of the Corporation to investors in an all-round, multi-angle and three-dimensional manner, making information disclosure open, fair and transparent, and protecting the relevant interests and legitimate rights and interests of investors and creditors to the greatest extent.

For a long time, the Corporation has taken "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders, and creating wealth for society" as its core values, "people-oriented, win-win cooperation" as its basic business philosophy, and "efficiency, benefit, sense of crisis" as the criterion of development. Through the construction of corporate culture, the Corporation has pulled employees together and built up a good image. On the one hand, by combining the construction of corporate culture with the construction of a harmonious enterprise, and carrying out activities such as employee representative symposiums, birthday parties, and helping employees in difficulties, the Corporation listens carefully to employees' demands, offers more humanistic care, and further enhances the recognition and appeal of corporate culture. On the other hand, the Corporation provides a platform for the growth and development of employees by combining the construction of corporate culture with the promotion of corporate development, paying attention to the combination of enterprise benefit growth and employee benefit growth, the combination of enterprise reform and development with employee career development, and the activities such as team building and job building. By advocating the development concept of co-creation, sharing and win-win, the Corporation further enhances employees’ sense of belonging and acquisition.

Furthermore, the Corporation, as a listed holding company of a central enterprise, does not forget to give back to the society and actively participate in social welfare undertakings while continuously improving its business performance. The Corporation has been working in pairs with Chongmingmiao Town in Shanghai and Zhangtun Village of Baiyang Town in Yiyang County, Henan Province to alleviate poverty. Through a combination of measures such as donation of funds, construction of village houses, construction of infrastructure, financing of assistance projects for villagers, creation of employment opportunities for poor households, and promotion of household income, the Corporation has done a good job in poverty alleviation and earnestly fulfilled its social responsibilities as a central enterprise. Party members and Communist Youth League members of the Corporation have also actively maintained regular communication and exchanges with local grass-roots party organizations and explored ways and means of helping, which have been well received by the local governments and villagers.