Ocean Freight


- Scope of business

1)Traditional services:space booking, stowage, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, land transportation, port entry-exit, international transit, domestic and overseas multimodal transport, sea-air transport, consolidation, transportation of dangerous goods and special containers, and tracking and feedback of dynamic information services throughout the process;

2)Sea-air transport: ia South Korea, Japan, Taiwan (China) and other transit locations to all over the world; via Dubai to major airports in Europe and Africa, and via Los Angeles to South America.

3)LCL:to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Southampton and the Port of Le Havre.

4)Domestic multimodal transport:routes from Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and other places through the Asia-Europe railway, with waterways along the Yangtze River as alternatives.

- Comprehensive support services

With our own domestic and overseas warehousing, trucking and professional customs declaration teams, we can provide domestic delivery, sorting, packaging and consolidation services, as well as overseas warehousing, distribution, delivery and other services. In addition, we coordinate the flows of goods, documents, information and capital and realize door-to-door, one-stop, comprehensive, cross-border logistics services.

- Mode of services

We provide general and subcontracting, resource integration, solution design and operational execution.

- Advantages

1)We are not only a public space booking platform but also a non-vessel operating common carrier;

2)We offer seamless electronic data interchange (EDI), system interface (SI) and issuance of bills of lading remotely with most container shipping lines.

3)We offer 100% liner coverage rates, diverse shipping route products and comprehensive, responsive, speedy, low-cost and low-risk services.


- Traditional businesses

Our traditional import businesses include overseas factory/warehouse pickup, preparation and management of customs clearance documents, allocation of container types as well as stowage and consolidation, full-container-load pickup, bonded storage, LCL, CFS, the “One Customs, Three Inspections” process, value-added warehousing, customs transit and other information-based door-to-door, one-stop, full-process, comprehensive logistics services after goods arrive at Chinese ports.

- Import distribution

We have import LCL, warehousing and distribution, supporting supervised vehicles, professional personnel and information systems, and we have a proven track record in the market segments of food, automobiles (and their spare parts), high-value industrial raw materials, etc.