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Fighting Against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Together


CTS Make All-out Efforts to Support Front-line 

At the start of the Chinese New Year, the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) spread quickly across the whole of China. Everyone at home and abroad paid close attention to the development of the situation. Since the NCP outbreak, domestic and overseas branches of CTS made all-out efforts to ensure the smooth carriage of emergency aid medical materials into China. We sorted through the policies of various countries (regions) with regards to China's import and export, trade and immigration control, in a speedy manner, to overcome difficulties such as reduction of international flights and tightening of shipping prevention and control measures. Through timely adaptation in response measures and optimization of transportation routes, we successfully completed the international carriage of medical supplies, customs clearance at ports, and domestic delivery of 235 batches of surgical masks, protective clothing, goggles and other medical supplies. 

As of the 12th of Feb., domestic and overseas branches of CTS have completed the carriage of 300 tons of medical protection materials, which included more than 10 million pieces of surgical masks and 140,000 pieces of medical protective clothing.

CTS Wuhan Branch established a Customs Clearance Team for emergency aid materials with the support of Shanghai Headquarter, Xiamen Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Changsha Branch. Staff of CTS Wuhan Banch actively involved themselves in Wuhan Customs Declaration Volunteer activities. They took the initiative to undertake the customs clearance work of the emergency aid efforts of the Hubei Customs Clearance Association, Hubei Red Cross, and Hubei Charity Federation.

Shanghai Dvphoenix Logistics (Group), a subsidiary of CTS, set up a Green Channel to ensure the rapid clearance of preventive and epidemic prevention supplies, and waived storage charges from January 24 to February 9.

159 staff of China Special Article Logistics Co., LTD, another subsidiary of CTS, faithfully and bravely manned their posts to ensure the coal-fired power supply of the power plant when NCP struck.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the staff of the Shanghai Air Transport Department of CTS maintained close communication with CTS overseas branches and overseas aid providers, to provide professional and rapid cross-border assistance for various aid materials, successfully performed the importation of more than 50 batches of rescue aid supplies since the 26th of Jan.

CTS Xi'an Branch assisted the Shanxi Provincial Pharmaceutical Holding Group, that was entrusted by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government, to purchase emergency supplies from Germany. CTS Xi’an proactively cooperated with the German Embassy, airlines, and local customs to ensure that 20,000 pieces of medical protective clothing arrived in Shanxi, as quickly as possible, meant for use by the medical team heading for Hubei.

All the staff of CTS domestic and overseas branches have made painstaking efforts and shouldered heavy responsibilities while fighting against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia together with all Chinese people! Every CTS employee represents an important building block to the strong defense for the NCP prevention and control. CTS will fight the NCP together, alongside with you.