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The company passes the AEO certification of the State General Administration of Customs


Thanks to the joint efforts of managers at all levels and the entire staff, the company recently passed the AEO certification of the State General Administration of Customs, becoming an enterprise with the highest credit for international trade, thus enjoying international logistics clearance priority and solidifying its core advantages in operations qualifications.

The AEO certification is the highest credit rating for enterprises engaging in international trade, and it is recognized by customs in all countries. AEO-certified enterprises enjoy the highest privileges of China Customs, such as the lowest clearance inspection rate, the lowest customs inspection rate, lower clearance costs at home, faster customs clearance, collective tax payment for taxed goods at the end of the month, E-account book management, trust clearance, the establishment of a customer coordinator, a dedicated window and special support, and priority in enjoying innovative customs support policies. Meanwhile, they also enjoy facilitation enabled by the international mutual recognition between China and nine economic bodies (the EU, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Israel, and Hong Kong in China) and 36 countries and regions, thus avoiding repeated on-the-spot customs inspections in different countries, enhancing the rate of cross-border clearance, and reducing trade costs.

Considering the high standard for AEO certification and the huge difficulty in acquiring it — it has a mere 0.5% passage rate nationwide — the company launched preparations in August 2017 ahead of schedule. Efforts were made to comb through materials like corporate internal control, finance conditions, compliance management and trade security. During the second half of 2018, according to the new requirements of the No. 237 order of the General Administration of Customs, namely the Measures of the People’s Republic of China on the Credit Management of Customs Enterprises, Shanghai customs, Pudong customs, and third-party audit institutions conducted special audits, on-the-spot inspections and random selective examinations of the company and its branches. The company promptly made adjustments over relevant internal control procedures in line with the new measures, and it finally passed its on-the-spot review on December 27, 2018.

Obtaining the AEO certification means both recognition and encouragement towards the establishment of an enterprise credit system and internal control system. All business units are expected to maintain the credit, brand and reputation of CTS International, ensure compliance in operations, improve customs system building, strictly control error rates, intensify internal control management and enhance the capacity of risk prevention and control, so as to make due contributions to the enterprise’s core competitiveness.