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CTS Logistics and Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co., Ltd. formally signed a contract for the establishment of a joint venture in Luxembourg


On February 28, 2019, CTS Logistics and Henan Aviation Investment Group held a signing ceremony for the establishment of a joint investment Luxembourg-based limited liability company in Shanghai, marking the beginning of building a comprehensive strategic relationship between the two sides.

At the signing ceremony, the Management of both CTS Logistics and Henan Airlines Investment expressed high expectations for the development of the joint venture and the prospect of building a comprehensive strategic partnership. Chairman Zhang Mingchao of Henan Airlines Investment introduced the background and progress of the Zhengzhou–Luxemburg “Air Silk Road.” It is hoped that through cooperation with CTS Logistics, both the market opportunities nurtured by such an air silk road can be jointly expanded and the politically responsible mission of regional development can be fulfilled. Chen Yu, general manager of the company, expressed his high affirmation of the prospects for strategic coordination as well as the complementary main businesses of the two sides, and he put forward specific suggestions on business cooperation, mixed ownership reform, mechanism innovation and the overall network service chain layout. Both sides agreed to take the mixed ownership reform project of aviation investment logistics as a breakthrough to accelerate the implementation of key cooperative projects in the aviation industry chain.

Yue Guoyong, deputy general manager of Henan Airlines Investment, Zhu Xinqiang, chairman of Henan Airlines Investment, etc., accompanied Chairman Zhang Mingchao on the visit. Zeng Yong, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CTS Logistics, Liu Qingwu, deputy general manager, Yu Yongqian, CFO and Secretary of the board of directors, and Jiang Bo, deputy general manager, attended the meeting.