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The company successfully launched its “Shuguang Plan.”The first reserve training for leaders directly under headquarters


In order to meet the company’s demand for high-quality talent, leapfrog development, transformation and upgrades, the company will accelerate the construction of a young leadership team with excellent quality, sufficient quantity, a reasonable structure and the courage to take on their responsibilities. To enhance the company’s development potential, the company conducted a 3-day “Shuguang Plan” headquarters direct reserve training from August 30 to September 1. A total of 36 reserve officials took part in the first training. They came from the company’s headquarters, Huadong District 1, Huadong District 2 and South China’s Hong Kong District.

Chen Yu, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, attended the opening ceremony and conducted a training on the theme of “Being Competitive and Being a Winner.” He reviewed the development process of CTS and clarified the enterprise vision of CTS, the “Six Modernizations” strategic goal, the “Two Engine” development strategy and the “Three Points of Focus.” He also previewed the company’s medium-and long-term development plan, hoping that the reserve officials would dare to challenge, temper and grow in this difficult market situation, realizing their own value in the development of the enterprise.

External lecturers spoke about Team Leadership. They explained the dynamic team development model and development tools during the formative period, the storm period, the stable period and the high-yield period. A group discussion was used to guide the students to think actively through group games, classroom drills, video analysis, group discussions, and presentations, enhancing the students’ understanding of the course content and their mastery of management tools.

During this training, the learning atmosphere was active, the students were interactive and answered questions enthusiastically, and the atmosphere was relaxed. Through case analysis, management awareness and management methods were improved, and the concept of team leadership was established. After this training, the trainees said that they benefited considerably. During their following work, they will strengthen the combination of theory and practice, apply what they have learned, concentrate their efforts and practice their internal skills. This will help them to meet market challenges given the current situation and help the company to develop with high quality.