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CTS International signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement with JD Logistics


On June 28, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Jingbangda Trade Co., Ltd., seeking multi-dimensional cooperation in cross-border logistics, storage, carrying capacity, logistics technology and e-commerce.

Currently, JD is seeking to upgrade its international strategy. Over the next ten years it will use the global intelligent supply chain basic network as a blueprint to build an 830 two-way global network, ten supply chain technology outputs, and five aspects of entire-chain digital empowerment as drivers. The objective is to deliver Chinese products to customers worldwide and to deliver global products to China at a low cost and with high efficiency, within 48 hours.

JD Logistics shares similar strategies with CTS International in expanding its overseas network layout and in shaping intelligent logistics. According to their cooperation agreement, JD Logistics will offer abundant goods-based resources to CTS International, and it will provide support in intelligent logistics technology, warehouse planning, terminal delivery and big data. CTS International will rely on its advantages in domestic and overseas networks and comprehensive logistics to match and meet JD’s demands for cross-border logistics services, seeking to improve their overseas network layout and eco-chain building collectively.

Their deep multi-dimensional cooperation will boost the company’s development in cross-border e-commerce logistics, accelerate both sides’ layouts of overseas logistics networks, further enhance the informatization of comprehensive logistics services, shape the competitive edge of the industrial chain of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and create favorable conditions for follow-up efforts in expanding space for the complementary utilization of resources, nurturing new business forms, and building a sound business ecology.