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The North China regional center and the College of Foreign Languages of the Civil Aviation University of China have co-built an off-campus practice base


In order to promote resource complementation and deepen university-enterprise cooperation, on January 2, 2019, the company’s North China regional center and the College of Foreign Languages of the Civil Aviation University of China signed a cooperation agreement and launched an inauguration ceremony for an off-campus practice base. Zhang Yanling, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages, Liu Xiaofeng, Director of the English Language Department, Wei Wei, Director of the Student Affairs Office, Tang Zhanfeng, Head of the Teaching Affairs Division, Liu Zhe, the person responsible for the North China region, and the managers of the Beijing branch attended the inauguration ceremony and had an informal discussion.

Under the direct administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Civil Aviation University of China is an institution of higher learning dedicated to training top-notch civil aviation engineering technology and management talent. Thanks to its strong commitment over the 67 years since its inception in 1951, the university has grown into a prestigious institution with a full range of civil aviation disciplines. Billed as the cradle of China’s civil aviation talent, it is known as a science and technology research center, as well as a window for international cultural exchange.

In early 2018, initiated by the North China regional center, the Beijing branch hired graduates from the College of Foreign Languages for the first time. After one year of practice, two graduates are now responsible for 4PL in the JD Logistics project team, and they undertake business like air freight, sea freight, railway and Mainland-Hong Kong car orders. Based on previous sound engagements, the North China regional center and the College of Foreign Languages hope to establish an off-campus practice base to add to the depth and width of university-enterprise cooperation. They also hope to realize mutually beneficial cooperation, resource sharing and the complementation of advantages in talent training, industry-education integration and integrated resource use, building a first-class practice base and training more, better logistics professionals.

CTS International and the College of Foreign Languages share common interests in international air freight market research and the training of global talent, among others aspects, as well as their evident complementary effects in teaching resources and industrial practice. In the future, they will be bound to embrace more cooperation opportunities. Going forward, the North China regional center will follow the overall plan of the headquarters to meet the practical needs of each business unit in human resources; it will work to build a university-enterprise platform, co-train application-oriented talent, enrich on-the-job training channels for the company’s managers, and contribute to the global talent training and the establishment of a talent echelon in the company.