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The company ceremoniously held the 2019 Annual Work Conference.


From March 16 to 17, the CTS Logistics 2019 Annual Work Conference was ceremoniously held in Shanghai. Over 180 people in total attended the meeting, including Zhu Bixin, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Chengtong Group; company leadership; heads of business centers, regional centers, specialized companies, subsidiaries and functional departments; Party branch secretaries of the company; and representatives of all employees.

At the meeting, Chen Yu, general manager of the company and deputy secretary of the Party Committee, gave a work report entitled “Grasp the General Requirements of Quality Improvement and Efficiency, and Strive for Stability and Long-Term Development.” In the report, he reviewed the state of completion of overall operations and key work in 2018, he analyzed bottlenecks and existing problems in the company’s current reforms and development, and he pointed out the direction for the company’s next reform and development.Sun Jin, Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the company, reviewed and summarized the achievements of Party-building activities at the company in 2018, confronted several current Party-building problems at the company and reported on his comprehensive deployment of Party-building in the company in 2019 in the Party-building report titled, “Do not Forget the Original Aspiration of Party-building, Bear in Mind the Mission to Promote Reform, and Provide a Strong Political Guarantee for the High-quality Development of CTS Logistics.”The Discipline Inspection Commission of the company and the Labor Union organized and held “A Talk on Transmitting the Spirit of Party Conduct and Establishing Clean Government, as well as Collective Integrity,” in addition to “The First Workers’ Congress of the Company.” Mao Ning, an independent director of the company and a professor of Nanjing University conducted a special training titled “Enterprise Growth: From Profit Orientation to Value Orientation.” Cai Xianzhong and Jiang Bo, deputy general managers of the company, delivered special speeches on “technology-driven” and “marketing-driven” strategies. The central and western regions, the maritime transportation management center and Zhongte Logistics also delivered speeches at the meeting.

The 2019 Signing Ceremony & the 2018 Awards Ceremony were held. The heads of the company’s regional centers, business centers, specialized companies and functional departments solemnly signed the 2019 “Performance Target Responsibility Letter,” the “Safety Production Responsibility Letter,” the “Party Construction Responsibility Letter” and the “Duty Performance Responsibility Letter and Integrity Commitment.”Zhu Bixin and the company’s leadership team awarded the 2018 “Performance Contribution Award,” the “Management Performance Award,” the “Career Award” and the title of “Logistics Pioneer” to commended organizations and individuals, including Dexiang Logistics, the Shanghai Headquarters Party Branch and Zhongte Logistics Guo Xiwen. These awards laid a good foundation for the further unification of ideas, consolidation of efforts and implementation of various reforms throughout the year.

Zhu Bixin, president of the Group and chairman of the company, delivered an important speech at the annual work conference, fully affirming the achievements made by CTS Logistics in 2018 and expressing heartfelt thanks to the vast number of officials and employees of the company for their hard work over the past year.Zhu Bixin pointed out that over the past year, CTS Logistics faced a difficult situation in which many unfavorable factors in the market overlapped. According to the strategic development direction and management reform measures established in early 2018, good reform prospects for organizational optimization and benefit enhancement have been realized with the joint efforts and hard work of all levels of management and all employees. First, the annual budget targets were fully completed, and good operating results were achieved. Second, the “three points of focus” strategy was held clearly in mind, focused on priorities and was clearly defined. Third, a three-level management structure gradually took shape, systems were continuously improved, reform efforts were continuously strengthened, and reform and innovation results began to show. Fourth, internal management control was continuously optimized, and operation quality continuously improved. Fifth, Party-building was strengthened, and the role of Party organizations was further developed. Sixth, team building and group building were further strengthened.At the same time, Zhu Bixin also pointed out that CTS Logistics still has some old problems, and improvements are needed in terms of strategy deepening, business development balance, informatization, overseas network construction, Party-building, team building and group management. Therefore, the following nine work requirements were put forward for CTS in 2019. First, the company must actively and steadily promote high-quality development to ensure the completion of the 2019 production and operation targets. Second, the company must conduct in-depth research on its development strategy and accelerate the implementation of this strategy. Third, it must continue to deepen reform and further improve its three-level management structure. Fourth, it must unify its thinking, change its ideas and speed up informatization and talent introduction. Fifth, the company must step up efforts to solve the old problems regarding the merger and acquisition of the two enterprises, Zhongte and Dexiang. Sixth, it must actively implement audit and inspection rectification requirements. Seventh, it must further strengthen Party-building. Eighth, the company must further strengthen team building and group management. And ninth, the company must firmly establish an awareness for production safety while earnestly implementing production safety responsibility.

During the meeting, the company also organized and held the Party Branch Secretary’s Work Report Meeting, the Regional Operation and Management Communications Meeting, the Regional Professional Company Financial Director Communications Meeting, and the Regional Professional Company Marketing Director Communications Meeting. Through formal plenary meetings and various special communications meetings, the company’s management at all levels reviewed its operations management and Party-building in 2018, and it carefully considered the relevant deficiencies and directions for improvement. This laid a solid foundation for all work in 2019 and achieved the expected results.

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and it is the year when CTS Logistics will also celebrate its 35th anniversary. It is hoped that the company will do what it must to meet its needs, act in accordance with market trends, plan for the future, consolidate its foundation, make steady progress, commit itself to its work on a daily basis and present itself with ease during important moments. Focusing on “seeking progress while maintaining stability and preventing risks” as the general tone of its work, the company will accurately grasp the general requirements for improving quality and efficiency, and it will unswervingly follow its established strategic direction and objectives. It will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of its business operations and continuously enhance its vitality and competitiveness. The company will strive to follow the path of steady high-quality development and will build a first-class, comprehensive, cross-border, modern, third-party logistics enterprise.